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A common misperception about the hotel industry is that hotels are owned by giant, nameless corporations. While that is true some of the time, most of the time the hotels you stay in during your business & leisure travels are owned by smaller hotel management companies that franchise from larger corporations. Franchisees are granted access to a brand name, logo, computer systems, loyalty programs, etc. but the money you spend when staying often goes back into the local economy.
SREE Hotels was founded in 1980, by Ravi and Chandra Patel when they purchased a rundown roadside motel in Florence, SC, renovated it and then franchised with EconoLodge to gain brand awareness and recognition. Since that first motel, SREE Hotels has grown into Charlotte, NC’s largest hotel management company. The company owns & operates 24 hotels in NC, SC, and OH, with Ravi and Chandra still an important part of the daily operations. Headquartered in South Charlotte, SREE’s ownership & investment group resides in Charlotte along with the corporate office operations support team, several General Managers and Sales Managers, and over 250 team members. SREE supports many local companies with the purchase of supplies to operate the hotels. From craft beers poured at hotel bars to landscaping companies who maintain the grounds of our hotels, SREE is a major purchaser of goods across the region.
If you follow our hotels on social media, you will often see posts about local businesses and attractions. From Discovery Place and the NASCAR Hall of Fame to area restaurants and breweries, we regularly share information to help future guests know all that makes Charlotte special. Charlotte is our home and we want all to prosper and succeed.
When you stay at a SREE Hotel, 90% of your spend stays in the local economy. Only a small percentage of the hotel’s revenue goes to paying franchise fees back to the franchise corporation. When you are checked in at the front desk, that team member is a local resident. When the GM greets you in the hallway, he/she has established a home and family in the area. After you have departed and a housekeeper cleans your room, a family is being fed that week. The team members and managers that make up SREE Hotels are residents of Charlotte, NC. And your support of our hotels helps the Charlotte economy. Whether you choose a SREE hotel for your wedding room block, or to grab a drink before a concert in Uptown, or for a staycation weekend to get out of the house, you are choosing to support local. Supporting SREE Hotels supports a local, family-owned company that supports many other local businesses.
2020 was a rough year for the hotel industry worldwide. We aren’t sure when conventions, meetings, and business travelers will flood back into Charlotte. Until the world is ready to travel again, we are doing everything we can to continue to support our team members, managers, owners, investors, and many local businesses. Your help in that effort would be greatly appreciated.
We have set up discounted friends & family rates for our portfolio of hotels. Reserve a room with us the next time you travel. And use that money that you saved on the rate to buy some snacks from the market or leave a tip for the housekeeper. Either way, you will be helping the local economy to stay strong and survive the pandemic. If you don't have travel needs in the near future, support us by following us on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. Every like and share helps us spread the message about our company and our mission.
We sincerely appreciate the support we have received over the past 40 years of being in business. We look forward to providing comfortable accommodations for many, many years to come! 
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